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Verza Vapes Policies

A service as it should be!

Verza Vapes was founded with one goal: to create fair, rewarding and enjoyable experiences for our customers. We carry out our activities with those same values to guarantee the loyalty of our clients. Our policies are below. Review them and contact us if you want to know more.

  1. All purchases can be made on this website.

  2. In the event that the website is undergoing maintenance or with technical failures, payment of the products can be made by bank transaction or by cash payment.

  3. The prices at which Verza sells to its clients is private, any dissemination of information will result in the client's complete ban with no opportunity for recovery.

  4. All information provided by Verza on any subject related to the product is one-way, customer and seller, any dissemination of information will result  in permanent ban.

  5. Area  Fixed rate shipping service: Via Samborondón (FREE), Daule (+ $ 1.00), Ceibos (+ $ 1.50), Puerto Azul (+ $ 2.00).  

  6. Verza Vapes is not responsible for damage after delivery.

  7. All the products distributed by Verza are original from the factory.

  8. Allergic reactions to products purchased by Verza customers are not the responsibility of the company.   

  9. All the products distributed by Verza Vapes contain Nicotine or other chemicals that are harmful to health.

Políticas de la tienda: Políticas de la tienda
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